Northern kentucky high school legal developments

Nope, not CovCath:

An 18-year-old who is not vaccinated for chicken pox has sued the Northern Kentucky Health Department and a slew of other defendants after he claims he was told he couldn’t play basketball for Assumption Academy.

Jerome Kunkel, of Union, Ky., is listed as the plaintiff. He is a senior at Assumption Academy, a private Catholic school in Walton, Ky., and has played basketball there since 2015.

According to the lawsuit, Kunkel is a practicing Catholic who rejects the use of any vaccine that is “derived from aborted fetal cells” as they are “immoral, illegal, and sinful.” As a result, he has never received the Varicella Vaccine, or the chicken pox vaccine.

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Catholic student not vaccinated for chicken pox sues NKY Health Dept., claims he was told he couldn’t play basketball amid outbreak

I will say, I’m impressed with the access to legal assistance that Northern Kentucky Catholic boys seem to have.

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