New bike help.

Hey everyone, I need some pointers on buying a new bike. Little background, I’ve ridden bmx when I was a kid, stopped riding then road a fixed gear 10 years ago until it was stolen. Now I’m looking to get a new bike. I was looking into gravel/adventure bikes, but a lbs owner said I didn’t need that bc 90% of my riding will be on the road. I’ve heard to aim for higher level components and wheelsets. I’d like to ride 5-6 days a week maybe 10-20 miles a pop (to start). I don’t know what I need, shimano 105? Disc brakes? Tire clearance? I was originally set on a steel frame, but I’m open for whatever works, looking to spend no more than $1,500. I’m 37 in decent shape, 6’4 and 205lbs. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction? Thanks,

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