Interesting Statistics on Financial Stress

There is no doubt that money is one of the factors that can bring people a certain level happiness. Of course you are depressed whenever you are broke. A vast majority of people in the United States are now living in stress which causes health problems which could currently be the leading cause of the deterioration of the mental and the physical well being of a person. If you are one of the people who are valuing family, health and a long life over money, you might have a new perspective after knowing that not having a control over your finances is a leading killer of Americans today.

In United States today, according to the statistics of the government, there are over one million Americans who filed for bankruptcy in the year 2006. Another survey showed that there are only 2% of the over all population of Americans that do have a savings account and the average number of American families has more than eight thousand dollars in debts on their credit cards. Worrying too much about their finances is the main cause of chronic stress which caused 25% of total population of Americans to be absent from work. Along with this, financial problems and the stress it causes is the leading cause of divorce in the United States. Nearly each marriage goes through money problems and most couples would find divorce as the only solution to this problem. Divorce is the fist main reason for people who are filing for bankruptcy. A great debt will absolutely break a marriage and later on your family.

According to a recent survey, two out of every three women who were interviewed named financial stress as the greatest threat for American families and sixty percent said that they are more concerned about paying their bills for each month. Only fifteen percent of those women who are interviewed said that they do not have any debt while four out of ten women are overwhelmed with financial problems. Nearly half of the mothers who are married and who have children under 18 years also feel overwhelmed. This to is observed with single mothers with children under 18 years. This means that working mothers can feel the increasing cost of feeding their families each time they go to the grocery store and paying of their debt.

Stress accompanied by financial problems is a killer which you will never know. You can also have a lot of health problems as well as the side effects that you can get from the medications that you are going to take. Physical problems related to stress include chest pain, headaches, tachycardia or fast beating of the heart, high blood pressure, muscle aches indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, weight gain or weight loss and many more. On your mental aspect, financial stress could bring mood swings, restlessness, irritability, depression, anger, sadness, feeling of insecure, confusion, guilt tendency to commit suicide and anxiety.

These statistics only show that people are becoming more stressed when finances are at stake. That is why, it will be a better idea to keep your finances on track as much as possible and refrain from spending money on things which are not important. Moreover, although financial stress is merely about problems about money, you must still have time to relax and release stress from worrying about your finances.

Source by Carl T Walters

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