Greyhound Handicapping – Keep Your Eye on This To Make More Money

Do you know what your Return On Income is on each of the different bets you make? Well, if you have not been keeping track of this, I'd recommend it. I did not for years and I know that it cost me money. For about twenty years, I would have told you that I was better at picking winners than anything else, but I was wrong.

I found out how wrong when I started keeping track of the ROI for Win, Quiniela and Trifecta bets that I made at one track, because I was working on a system and I needed to know how well it worked. Boy, that that an eye-opener! I found out that I was actually LOSING money on Win bets, but making a decent profit on Quiniela bets.

This certainly changed the way I bet and also the way I handicapped. I stopped looking for the dog that had the best chance of winning and started looking for 3 dogs to play in Quiniela boxes. And when I checked my ROI, two weeks later, it was way up. I still played the occasional Win bet, but Quinielas were my first choice and they really paid off.

When I started going to the horse track with my friend, Willie, I started from Day One keeping track of my ROI on each type of bet. After a couple of weeks, I was amazed to find that I did better on Win bets than anything else. Why it should be different for me at the horse track from the way it is at the dog track is beyond me, but the numbers do not lie.

If you have not checked your ROI laTely, you might want to do that. Doing that gives you a realistic picture of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to handicapping. Why put your effort and energy into doing what does not make you money?

For instance, if you love to play trimectas, but make more money with exacta or super bets, why not reduce the money you spend on tri's and put more money into the bets that make you a profit? You do not have to give up playing trifectas, just cut back on them a little.

Try keeping track for a week of races and see if you're putting your money where it will do the most good. You might be surprised to find that you're better at handicapping than you think, only not with the type of bets that you like the best.

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