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So yesterday, I was splitting up more firewood and after the first piece I pulled the lever back, the rod from the cylinder pulled back but the block remained. The rod had broken through where the 1 inch diameter hole went through the 1.5 inch rod. Uh…. Not the best design. But it lasted me over 30 years and I bought it used. I AM on my 3rd engine, but in all honesty, I did steal the first one for a go cart.

I considered welding it right to the rod but several friends expressed some concern about the lateral stress on the cylinder.

A new splitter is a grand and a new cylinder was proving to be difficult to find an exact match.

So….. I decided to re drill it in a different spot and re-pin it with a 3/8 grade 8 bolt. After all, the only reason it needs to be there is to retract the ram.

Turns out, the rods are case hardened but a bit of research told me that if you grind down .x, it would drill fine. The info was correct. I put the broken end in the collar, inserted the pin advanced the ram until it was mashed tight together and drilled consecutive holes until it was 3/8 then re-pinned it with a grade 8 bolt.

Works perfectly, Yay me!

Entire repair took 2 hours and cost 2 dollars.

Before and after pictures and one extra.

Yes I’m sure, that doesn’t mean I’m right.

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