All Shimano 9 speed with clutch derailleur in 2019

I’ve been researching gears in the hope of getting what I now know many people wanted years ago – a stronger 9 speed chain with a clutch rear derailleur for my commuter (journey is about 50/50 tarmac and canal path including some really bumpy bits)

Back in the day it was only possible using an SRAM shifter and a spacer on the derailleur but unless I’m missing something using 11 speed ‘MTB’ bar end shifter (3.6mm cable pull) with a 10 speed MTB derailleur (1.2 ratio) results in a cog pitch of 4.32 which is pretty damn close to the 4.34 of a 9 speed cassette.

Would anyone be so kind as to tell me if I’m right or missing something obvious before I start spending on an Easter upgrade?

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