Felt F75X – Circa 2014?

My LBS recently consolidated (2) shops into one, and brought over this F75X which had not yet been sold. This was hard for me to believe, as I thought the last year of the F75X was ~2014.

I did take a few pictures, attached, let me know what you think, if it’s a model from a few years ago. The price was reduced a tad, but I think they might have some more wiggle room if you agree the model was last made a few years back.

I believe this model was a 105 (10) speed with Tektro cantilever brakes.

(pictures included, at least what I could capture with bike on the rack in my LBS)

Attached Thumbnails

Felt F75X - Circa 2014?-20190413_144945.jpg

Felt F75X - Circa 2014?-20190413_144925.jpg

Felt F75X - Circa 2014?-20190413_144900.jpg

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