How to Make Money With Google AdSense and Blogging

This article will be about how to profit with blogging and AdSense, the frustrations and struggles and how to beat the crowds.

First off Blogging and AdSense are the two quickest ways to get exposure on the web without having to build a website and having to join affiliate programs that could have strict rules for applying. You can literally set up a blog and add AdSense code to it publish a few post and go live within one hour. It is very convenient and reliable as well without having to maintain a website or waiting to be accepted into affiliate programs.

Getting quick traffic and the frustrations of having to spend hours and seeing very few visits to your site is what causes many to quit. The competition on the web is very fierce and if you are not ready to be patient and keep going even if it looks bleak then you will have many headaches. The process of getting traffic and earning revenue from AdSense is slow sometimes very slow depending on your focus, work ethics, and knowledge on marketing. It may take several months or years to see significant improvement. There are exceptions to this rule but it is not very common to see that.

I came across this AdSense cash guide that I thought was very helpful in getting everything set up from creating a blog in WordPress, picking a good niche and monetizing it with AdSense in your blog. Plus they tell you which WordPress theme should be used for this purpose. I know it can be very hard to pick a WordPress theme that you feel will be compatible to what you want to present on the web, I had that problem picking out themes and trying to see if they worked; not knowing how to tweak the code to make it unique so it is a good idea to get help needed if you're pulling out your hair not knowing what to do. This way you will save many hours of researching on just a theme which should be a simple process to focus on the revenue aspect.

I really recommend this AdSense guide to anyone wanting to work step by step from setting up your blog to earning revenue with AdSense. You may decide the other route which will require patience, and more patience. The important thing is to focus on your goal and get there.

Source by Kristine Tadros

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