Hybrid to Road.


I have an inquiry, can a Hybrid bike converted into Road bike? I have a Giant Escape R3 2013 and I love it, however I’m curious if i can convert into Road bike. [COLOR=#F3933B !important]Change[/COLOR] into dropbar, STI, Saddle, wrap and thats it. I mainly used the bike for work-home v.v. (8-10kms a day) and sometimes for errands and thats about it. However my neighbor who has a Road bike mainly used for work-home v.v. and weekend long rides for about 50kms and he’s persistent on asking me to go with him to his weekend routine since he’s [COLOR=#F3933B !important]alone[/COLOR]. I’m willing to go however seems the current set up of my bike is not [COLOR=#F3933B !important]appropriate[/COLOR] for the weekend ride with road bike.

Is it worth it?
Is there any damage that my bike will suffer in the future?

Thank you for any insights.

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